Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs

BP 5131.60


Because the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs (ATOD) adversely affects a student's ability to achieve academic success, is physically and emotionally harmful, and has serious social and legal consequences, the School Board intends to keep district schools free of ATOD.

Alcohol and tobacco, like any other controlled substance, are illegal for use by minors.  The Board desires that every effort be made to reduce the chances that our students will begin or continue the use of ATOD.  The Superintendent or designee shall clearly communicate to students, staff and parents/guardians all Board policies, regulations, procedures and school rules.

Recognizing that keeping schools free of ATOD is a concern common to the district and community, the Board supports cooperation among schools, parents/guardians, law enforcement and other appropriate community organizations involved in preventing ATOD abuse.

To obtain the widest possible input and support for district policies and programs, the Board shall support and participate in the ATOD advisory committee to make recommendations.   

(cf. 1220 - Citizen Advisory Committees)
(cf. AR 5131 – Code of Conduct)


The district shall provide preventative instruction, which helps students avoid the use of ATOD and teaches students how to influence their peers to avoid and/or discontinue the use of ATOD.  Instruction shall be designed to answer students' questions related to ATOD. 

The instructional programs will help students obtain and use current and accurate information, develop and maintain a positive self-concept, take positive actions to cope with stress, and use appropriate social and personal skills to resist involvement with ATOD.  

The curriculum will be comprehensive and sequential in nature and suited to meet the needs of students at their respective grade levels.  All instruction and related materials shall stress the concept of "no unlawful use" of ATOD and shall not include the concept of "responsible use" when such use is illegal.

The Board encourages staff to display attitudes, which make them positive role models for students with regard to ATOD.  Staff should help students see themselves as responsible partners in efforts to maintain a safe, constructive school climate. 

The Board recognizes that children exposed to ATOD prior to birth may have disabilities requiring special attention and modifications in the regular education program.  The Superintendent or designee shall provide appropriate staff training in the needs of such students as required by law. 

(cf. 6142.2 - AIDS Instruction)
(cf. 6143 - Courses of Study)
(cf. 6159 - Individualized Education Program)


The Board recognizes that there are students on our campuses who use ATOD and can benefit from intervention.  The Board supports intervention programs that include the involvement of students, parents/guardians and community agencies/organizations.

The Board finds it essential that school personnel be trained to identify symptoms which may indicate use of ATOD.   The Superintendent or designee shall identify responsibilities of staff in working with, intervening, and reporting student suspected of ATOD use.  Students and parents/guardians shall be informed about the signs of ATOD use and about appropriate agencies offering effective counseling.

Nonpunitive Self-Referral

The Board strongly encourages any student who is using ATOD to discuss the matter with his/her parent/guardian or with any staff member.  If the student is uncomfortable doing this, he/she is encouraged  to ask a  friend to discuss  the problem with a parent/guardian or staff member.  Students shall not be punished or disciplined for such past use, provided the student participating in competitive extra-curricular activities self reports prior to the start of the season and provides documentation of participation in an intervention program approved by the District.  In addition, the student shall also submit to a drug screening at their expense and shall be required to provide the results to the District.  Those students participating in a competitive extra-curricular activity without a designated season, may choose to self-report prior to the first performance/competition and provide documentation of participation in a State approved intervention or recovery program and negative drug screen.  Those students who choose to self report as set forth in this paragraph will not be considered in violation of BP 5131.61 Student Competitive Extra-Curricular ATOD testing policy, based on their reported past ATOD use.  

Recovering Student Support

The Board recognizes the presence of recovering students in the schools and the necessity to support these students in avoiding re-involvement with ATOD.


The Superintendent or designee shall take appropriate action to eliminate possession, use or sale of ATOD and related paraphernalia on school grounds, at school events, or in any situation in which the school is responsible for the conduct and well being of students.  If District Staff becomes knowledgeable through official means of a student possessing, selling and/or using ATOD or related paraphernalia the student shall be subject to disciplinary procedures which may result in suspension or expulsion as outlined in AR 5131.

 (cf. 5144.1 - Suspension and Expulsion/Due Process) 

School authorities may search students and school properties for the possession of ATOD as long as such searches are conducted in accordance with law. 

(cf. 5145.12 - Search and Seizure)


Legal Reference:

04.16.080 Sales or consumption at school events

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47.37.045 Community action against substance abuse grant fund

Adoption Date:  10/25/06