Questioning and Apprehension

BP 5145.11


Law enforcement officers may interview students on school premises, as suspects or witnesses.  When such an interview is requested, the principal or designee shall ascertain the officer's identity, official capacity, and the authority under which he/she acts.  If the officer needs to interview the student immediately, the principal or designee shall accommodate the questioning in a way that causes the least possible disruption to the school process, gives the student appropriate privacy, and models exemplary cooperation with community law enforcement authorities.

At the law officer's discretion and with the student's approval, the principal or designee may be present during the interview. 

When a site administrator releases a student into the custody of a law enforcement officer, he/she shall immediately notify the parent/guardian or responsible relative of the student's release and the place to which the student is reportedly taken, except when prohibited by law enforcement such as in cases of suspected child abuse.

Whenever a student is suspected of being a victim of child abuse and is being removed from the school premises, the Superintendent or designee shall give the telephone number and address of the student's parent/guardian to the law enforcement officer so that the appropriate authorities may contact the parent/guardian.

(cf. 5141.4 - Child Abuse and Neglect)
(cf. 5142 - Safety)

Adoption Date:  10/13/99