Grades / Evaluation of Student Achievement

AR 5121.00


In kindergarten through third grade, teachers shall use narrative descriptions to indicate the student's level of achievement and may also furnish examples of student work. 

Whenever it becomes evident to a teacher that a student is in danger of failing a course, the teacher shall arrange a conference with the student's parent/guardian or send the parent/guardian a written report.  

An incomplete is given only when a student's work is not finished because of illness or other excused absence.  If not made up within six weeks, the incomplete will become an F.

Criteria for determining grades for achievement may include but are not limited to:

1.    Preparation of assignments, including accuracy, legibility and promptness.

2.    Contribution to classroom discussions.

3.    Demonstrated understanding of concepts in tests.

4.    Application of skills and principles to new situations.

5.    Organization and presentation of written and oral reports.

6.    Originality and reasoning ability when working through problems. 

Grades for Citizenship and Effort

Grades for citizenship and effort shall be reported each marking period as follows: 

O    Outstanding

S     Satisfactory

N     Needs Improvement

Criteria for determining grades for citizenship may include but are not limited to:

1.    Student obeys rules.

2.    Student respects public and personal property.

3.    Student maintains courteous, cooperative relations with teachers and fellow students.

4.    Student works without disturbing others.

Criteria for determining grades for effort may include but are not limited to:

1.    Student takes responsibility for having necessary tools and materials.

2.    Student shows interest and initiative.

3.    Student goes to work immediately, and completes assignments.

4.    Student uses free time resourcefully.

Secondary Honor Roll 

Each secondary school shall post an Honor Roll.  All courses except Pass/Fail shall be counted in computing eligibility for the Honor Roll.

Repeated Classes

With the approval of the principal or designee, a student may repeat a course in order to raise his/her grade.  The student shall receive credit only for taking the course once.

The highest grade received will be the permanent grade on the student's transcript.

Adoption Date:  10/13/99


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