Health Care and Emergencies

BP 5141.00


The School Board recognizes the importance of taking appropriate action whenever an accident or illness threatens the safety, health or welfare of a student at school or during school-sponsored activities.  The Superintendent or designee shall establish procedures to minimize the effects of an injury by providing first aid and/or medical attention as quickly as possible, to notify parents/guardians of the accident and to take whatever other steps are deemed necessary in the interests of the student and the district.

Emergency Contact Information

To facilitate immediate contact with parents/guardians on such occasions, the Board requires parents/guardians to furnish the schools with the current information specified below:

  1. Home address and telephone number.
  2. Parent/guardian's business address and telephone number.
  3. Name, address and telephone number of a relative or friend who is authorized by the parent/guardian to care for the student in cases of emergency when the parent/guardian cannot be reached.
  4. Local physician to call in case of emergency.

(cf. 5141.21 - Administering Medication)
(cf. 5141.3 - Health Examinations) 

Referral to Community Resources 

Note:  Under AS 14.30.177, school boards must adopt a policy that employees who refer parents to individual health care providers may be subject to disciplinary action.  In 2006, such referrals became prohibited by law.  AS 14.30.171(a)(4).
School personnel, except those possessing a special services type C certificate, should not recommend that a parent or guardian seek services from a specific physician, psychologist, or other health specialist.  Violations of this policy may result in disciplinary action.


Legal Reference:


09.65.090  Civil liability for emergency aid
14.30.141 Self-administration and documentation of medication
14.30.171 Prohibited actions
14.30.176 List of community resources


Adoption Date:  10/13/99
Revision Date: 10/27/2010