AR 5111.00



Age of Admission

Proof of age shall be required of all enrolling students.  The legal evidences of age, in order of desirability, are a birth certificate, baptismal certificate, passport, immigration certificate, Bible record, or affidavit from the parent/guardian.


Transfers into the District

Students who apply for admission to district schools will be placed at the grade level they have reached elsewhere pending observation and evaluation of their academic, social and emotional performance by their teachers, guidance personnel and the principal or designee.

Within 15 days of the student's enrollment, staff shall complete its observation and evaluation and the principal or designee shall determine the student's appropriate grade placement. 

(cf. 5111 - Admission)
(cf. 5141.31 - Immunizations)
(cf. 6146.3 - Reciprocity on Standards of Proficiency/Graduation Requirements)


Children who turn 5 years old by midnight on September 1 are eligible for regular entry into kindergarten.  Children born after this date may be eligible for early entry if they reach the age requirement prior to October 1.

For consideration for early entrance into kindergarten, the following procedures have been established:

1.) Parents will need to obtain at their expense an evaluation (criteria and content are listed below) from a licensed private psychologist.  The evaluator must be licensed by the State of Alaska to practice psychology.

2.) A written report (see criteria below) must be submitted for review.   It is recommended that the psychologist selected be given a copy of this letter to ensure their evaluation and report conforms to the District’s criteria.

3.) The psychologist’s report is to be submitted to the Principal of your area school for review and verification prior to August 1.

4.) Requests for early entry to kindergarten will not be accepted after July 15.

Subsidized Evaluations

The Ketchikan Gateway Borough School District will evaluate at no cost, children who would qualify for free or reduced lunches if they were enrolled in the Ketchikan Gateway Borough School District.  The eligibility guidelines are attached for your review.   If you have questions regarding a subsidized evaluation, you may contact the Office of Special Education at 247-2114.

Criteria for Early Entry to Kindergarten

The child must successfully meet all of the following three criteria in order to be eligible for early entry to kindergarten:

1.    Full Scale Intelligence quotient (IQ) in the Superior Range (e.g. IQ of 120 or higher) on the Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence – 3rd Edition (WPPSI-II).  The target IQ score includes the top 10th percentile.   The top ten percent of the population typically scores this high.  Only the WPPSI-III will be accepted. 

2.    Visual motor skills in the above average range as assessed by the Test of Visual Motor Integration-4th Edition-R (Keith E. Beery, 1997)

3.    Social/emotional skills commensurate with those of age-appropriate kindergarten peers as determined on the basis of a trial placement in kindergarten that may last up to, but depending upon the child’s behavior may be shorter than, four weeks.  Only children unequivocally meeting criteria on items 1-2 are eligible for a trial placement in kindergarten.

Revision Date:  1/27/2010