Conduct - Behavior/Gun-Free Schools

BP 5131.20

CONDUCT - Behavior/Gun-Free Schools



All students have the right to an educational environment that is positive at all times and that does not impede their ability to learn.  This includes the right to a learning environment that is safe and free from threat to property and health.  Administrators, staff and students are expected to protect these rights.  Students whose behavior interferes with these rights will be dealt with immediately and may be referred to the building principal, community resource agency, the police department, or other appropriate resources.

It is the goal of the District administrators and staff to work closely with students and parents to encourage behavior that fosters a positive learning environment.

In developing this policy and the associated discipline rules and regulations, the District has relied on the legal concept of compelling state interest which provides that, in some cases, the welfare and interests of the majority weigh greater than those of the individual.


Gun-Free Schools

All students, District staff and others coming into the school environment are entitled to be free of threat from firearms and destructive devices, as defined by state law.

The District has adopted District-wide Discipline Policies and Regulations which include prohibitions of firearms and destructive devices.  To underscore the Board’s concern with these matters, the provisions of Section 6.9 and 6.10 of the District-wide Discipline Regulations (AR 5131 – Code of Conduct), which relate to firearms and destructive devices are incorporated herein by reference and adopted as Board policy.

(cf. AR 5131 – Code of Conduct)


Adoption Date: 10/13/99
Revision Date: 8/13/2014


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