Alaska Performance Scholarship Program

BP 5128.00


Note: Effective July 1, 2011, school districts must take certain steps to implement the Alaska Merit Scholarship Program, also referred to as the Alaska Performance Scholarship Program.  This Program provides scholarships for high school graduates who are Alaska residents to attend a qualified postsecondary institution in the state.  School districts must determine scholarship eligibility for each graduating senior and record the eligibility level on the student’s permanent record.  The record must then be forwarded to the Department of Education and Early Development. 

The Board supports and encourages all students to obtain higher education through enrollment in college or career and technical programs upon graduation.  The Board believes that institutions within the State of Alaska provide strong and varied opportunities to meet the needs and interests of graduating students and further believes that state school attendance helps support a skilled, local workforce.  The district supports student participation in the Alaska Performance Scholarship Program so that students may have maximum opportunity to obtain higher education within the State of Alaska. 

Students and parents/guardians will be notified at least annually of the opportunities available through the Alaska Performance Scholarship Program.  This notice should include information about scholarship eligibility levels; coursework, testing, and grade point average (“GPA”) requirements; residency requirements; and the participating colleges and career and technical programs. 

The Superintendent or designee shall determine scholarship eligibility for graduating students and will record the appropriate eligibility level on each student’s permanent academic record.  Students will be provided an opportunity to challenge an error in the eligibility determination.  The academic record of graduating students will be transmitted to the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development to facilitate the award of scholarships. 

(cf. 5125.2 –  Challenging Student Records) 

Note:  Effective June 6, 2015, the regulation providing for a grace period and waiver of curriculum requirements was repealed and a new section added to provide for students to request a scholarship eligibility extension. 4 AAC 43.035 (repealed); 4 AAC 43.045 (extensions of eligibility period.)

The Alaska Department of Education and Early Development may extend a student’s scholarship eligibility period beyond six years after the date of the student’s graduation from high school. 

Legal Reference:

14.03.113  District determination of scholarship eligibility

14.43.810-.849  Alaska Performance Scholarship Program

4 AAC 43.010-.900  Alaska Performance Scholarship Program


Adoption Date:  9/14/11
Revision Date: 2/27/13
Revision Date: 9/14/2016














































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