BP 5131.00



School Board

The Board is responsible for prescribing rules for the government and discipline of the schools under its jurisdiction.  The Board holds the certificated personnel responsible for the proper conduct and control of students under their charge within the behavioral guidelines established by the Board in conjunction with the administration.  The Board shall provide all reasonable support to certificated personnel with respect to student conduct and discipline. 


The Superintendent or designee shall establish the necessary procedures to implement and enforce the Board's discipline policy.  He/she shall notify the parents/guardians of all students of the availability of the district's policy and procedures related to conduct and discipline.

School Principal

The school principal shall initiate and enforce a set of school rules, in keeping with district policy and regulation, which facilitate effective learning and promote attitudes and habits of good citizenship.

The principal or designee shall provide instruction to students regarding their rights and responsibilities.

The principal shall support the classroom teacher in his/her efforts to promote improved and acceptable behavior in students.


Teachers shall conduct a well-planned effective classroom program and initiate and enforce a set of classroom regulations that facilitate effective learning. Teachers shall cooperate with administrators and other classroom teachers in enforcing general school rules and appropriate campus behavior.


Parents/guardians are expected to comply with the laws governing the conduct and education of their children.  They shall also be expected to cooperate with school authorities regarding the behavior of their children.  Parents/guardians may be held liable for misconduct of their children to the extent provided by law.


Students shall be properly instructed in the rules and regulations pertaining to acceptable conduct as set by the Board.  All students shall comply with the regulations of the school district, comply with the course of study and submit to the authority of the teachers and administration of the schools.

Students should have the freedom and be encouraged to express their individuality provided their conduct does not infringe upon the freedom of other students or interfere with the instructional program.

(cf. 5145.2 - Freedom of Speech/Expression)

Students who violate the law or the rules and regulations of the school district may be subject to the transfer to alternative programs, discipline, suspension, or expulsion. 

(cf. 5144 - Discipline)
(cf. 5144.1 - Suspension/Expulsion/Due Process)
(cf. AR 5131 – Code of Conduct)


Legal Reference:

4 AAC 07.010 - 4 AAC 07.900 Student Rights and Responsibilities 



Revision Date:  7/23/08


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