School Attendance Boundaries

AR 5116.00


  1. Available Space – The number of children to be enrolled in each school shall be determined by the Superintendent. Such determination will be based on individual school capacity, optimum enrollment levels, safety standards, pupil/teacher ratios and other considerations pertaining to educational benefit.    
    1.      District goals for elementary class size ranges:
      1.      Kindergarten:  17-20 students
      2.      Grades 1, 2 and 3:  19-22 students
      3.      Grades 4, 5 and 6:  22-26 students   


b. If actual enrollment exceeds the goal class size range by 20%; class size limits may be imposed or additional staffing may be considered.

  1. Placement – Children currently enrolled in a school will remain in that school on a space available basis. Any involuntary displacements will be made based upon seniority.  Students who have been in the school the shortest time will be transferred first.
    1. Enrollment preferences may be honored in the following circumstances:
      1. Proximity – the school is the closest in proximity of the student’s residence.
      2. Sibling – a sibling of the student is currently enrolled in the choice school.
  1. Intra-District Transfer – Transfer of elementary students may occur when a family relocates. All options should be considered, however, before transferring students mid-year.
  1. Process to Transfer – The following process must be complied with in order to transfer an elementary student:


    1. Parent will discuss desire to transfer with current teacher.
    2. Teacher will refer parent to the principal.
    3. Principal will discuss transfer with parent.
    4. Principal will arrange transfer with the principal of receiving school.

    5. Secondary Transfers – The following process will be followed for students transferring between Schoenbar Middle School, Ketchikan High School and Revilla Alternative High School:

  1. Students leaving Schoenbar Middle School will attend Ketchikan High School under ordinary circumstances.
  2. Students leaving Schoenbar Middle School may enter Revilla High School directly if this is recommended by both the principal of Schoenbar Middle School and the principal of Revilla High School. This decision would be based on parental or guardian input, the recommendation of a CST, the advanced age of the student, or other considerations that would make it unlikely that the student would be successful at Ketchikan High School.  Such recommendations must be completed prior to the last day of the school year immediately preceding the transfer.
  3. Students wishing to transfer from Ketchikan High School to Revilla High School, or from Revilla High School to Ketchikan High School, must be recommended for the transfer by both principals. This recommendation will be based on parental input, the individual needs of the student, age, number of credits earned, ability to work within the school’s guidelines and any other pertinent factors.


Legal Reference:

4 AAC 05.010-4 AAC 05.090   Local education                                      

4 AAC 06.027  Establishment of attendance areas

Adoption Date:  10/13/99
Revision Date: 5/11/2016
Revision Date: 2/22/2017



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