Release of Directory Information

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Note: Directory information is information that is contained in an education record of a student which would not generally be considered harmful or an invasion of privacy if disclosed.  34 C.F.R. § 99.3.  School officials may release directory information about a student without first obtaining parental consent, unless the parent objects.  Districts may disclose this type of information only after giving notice to parents of the items of personal information the school has designated as directory.  This notice must also inform parents of their right to refuse disclosure of directory information about their child. A school district is authorized to define the categories of directory information that it desires, if any, and the list found in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act is for illustration only.  Accordingly, the District is not required to include all, or any, of these items as directory information, but may do so if desired.  Effective January 2009, federal law amendments clarify that directory information may not include student social security numbers and may not normally include student identification numbers. Effective January 2012, school districts may implement a limited directory information policy in which they specify the parties or purposes for which the information is disclosed.

Directory information means information contained in an education record of a student which would not generally be considered harmful or an invasion of privacy if disclosed.

Note:  If boards eliminate name, address or telephone listing from their categories of directory information, military recruiters and postsecondary institutions still have the right, under federal law, to access these three items.  Those boards that eliminate name, address or telephone listing need to give parents a second notice allowing them to withhold this information from military recruiters or postsecondary institutions.

The Superintendent or designee may use student directory information in school publications and may authorize the release of directory information to representatives of the news media, prospective employers, post-secondary institutions, military recruiters or nonprofit or other organizations.  Directory information consists of the following:  student's name, address, telephone number, electronic mail address, photograph, date and place of birth, major field of study, participation in officially recognized activities and sports, weight and height of athletic team members, dates of attendance, grade level, enrollment status, degrees, honors and awards received, scholarship eligibility and most recent previous school attended.

(cf. 5128 – Alaska Performance Scholarship)

Directory information may not include a student’s social security number or student identification number, unless the student identification number qualifies as an electronic identifier.  An electronic personal identifier is an ID used by a student to gain access to student electronic services such as online registration, on-line grade reporting, or on-line courses.  These electronic personal identifiers may be disclosed as directory information so long as the identifier cannot be used by itself to gain access to educational records but must be combined with a PIN or other access device. 

Note:  Certain disclosures are required of school districts by state or federal law. Release of some of this information should not be made if the parent or student objects to the disclosure. The District should include in its annual notice information regarding the following programs, including notice that student information may be submitted pursuant to the program, unless the parent objects in those cases where opt out is permitted.  These programs include:

 - By September 15 of each year, high schools must provide to the Board of Regents of the University of Alaska a list of names and addresses of students in the graduating class who meet scholarship eligibility requirements for each scholarship program. Opt out is allowed AS 14.43.930.

  By July 15 of each year, school districts must determine scholarship eligibility for each graduating senior for the Alaska Performance Scholarship. Districts must record the eligibility level on the student’s permanent record and forward it to the Department of Education and Early Development. Opt out is not permitted. AS 14.03.110 and AS 14.43.810-.849.

- By January 15 and July 15 of each year, school districts must provide student information to the director of the Alaska Military Youth Academy, a program operated by the Department of the Military and Veterans’ Affairs for the purpose of educating and training youth. Districts must provide the name, last known address, and dates of attendance of students between the ages of 15 and 18 who were enrolled but are no longer enrolled in the district, who have not obtained a diploma or GED, and for whom the district has no school transfer or graduation information. Opt out is permitted. AS 14.30.745.


The District, before making directory information available, shall give public notice at the beginning of each school year of the information which it has designated as directory information. This notice shall also identify all disclosures required by state and federal law, unless parents opt out of such disclosure. The District shall allow a reasonable period of time after such notice has been given for parents/guardians to inform the District that any or all of the information designated should not be released.  The District may provide parents with the ability to limit disclosure to specific parties or for specific purposes, as determined by the District.

Directory information shall not be released regarding any student whose parent/guardian notifies the District in writing that such information may not be disclosed. Parents may not, by opting out of directory information, prevent a school from requiring a student to identify him or herself, or to wear or carry a student ID or badge.

The District may disclose directory information about former students without meeting the requirements of this section.


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* Legal references updated; change in name updated (June 2014)


Adoption Date: 10/27/2010
Revision Date: 9/26/2012
* Revision Date: 6/11/2014


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