Superintendent of Schools

BP 2120.00


The Superintendent is the chief executive officer and educational leader of the district.  They execute all School Board decisions and is accountable to the Board for managing the schools in accordance with the Board's policies.  They inform the Board about school programs, practices and problems and provides professional advice on items requiring Board action. 

The Board delegates to the Superintendent the power to make decisions concerning internal operations of the district.  The Superintendent may delegate to other school staff any duties imposed upon them by the policies or vote of the Board, as far as the law permits.  This delegation of power or duty shall not relieve the Superintendent of responsibility for actions taken by his/her designees.

The Superintendent shall have general supervision of all personnel and shall develop and execute consistent, fair and fiscally sound personnel procedures and practices, including an evaluation program for all district employees. They shall oversee all financial operations of the district and actively seek out new funding sources for the schools.

The Superintendent shall take an active leadership role in the development and improvement of the instructional program.  They are expected to create a feeling of unity and enthusiasm among students and staff for the accomplishment of district goals.

The Superintendent shall articulate educational issues and values before the community and other governmental agencies.  They shall be accessible to community members and shall work with them to further the district's goals and build a strong, positive community attitude toward the school system.

The Board expects the Superintendent to remain current on educational thought and practices by reading educational publications.  Conference attendance, seminars and school visitations in the interest of improving the district’s instructional program and overall operation will be supported to the extent permitted by the budget.  The Superintendent shall inform the Board and staff of new developments and significant events in the field of education.

(cf. 2122 - Superintendent of Schools:  Job Description)


Legal Reference:

14.08.111  Duties (Regional School Boards)
14.14.130  Chief school administrator

Adoption Date:  10/13/99

Reviewed 1/4/23


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