Agenda / Meeting Materials

BP 9322.00


Construction of Agenda

The School Board president and/or vice president, and/or clerk treasurer, and the Superintendent shall prepare an agenda for each meeting of the Board. 
(cf. 9121 - Board President)

Any Board members may place any item on the agenda by the time of the agenda-setting meeting.  The Board President may waive this requirement provided that he/she adheres to notice requirements outlined in this bylaw.

Agenda setting is not a meeting of the Board, therefore direction should not be given and requests for information should be limited to issues of clarity for the agenda. 

All agendas shall include the meeting time and place and a description of each business item to be transacted or discussed.  All agendas shall be posted for public review prior to the meeting.
(cf. 9320 - Meetings)

Any member of the public may request that a matter within the jurisdiction of the Board be placed on the agenda of a regular meeting.  The request must be in writing and submitted to the Superintendent with supporting documents and information, if any, at least ten working days before the scheduled meeting date.

When constructing the agenda, the Board president and Superintendent will decide whether a request is within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Board and whether the agenda item is appropriate for discussion in open or executive session.

The Board shall also give members of the public the opportunity to testify at regular meetings on matters which are not on the agenda but which are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Board.  An agenda item for such input shall be included on Board agendas. The Board shall not take action on such matters at that meeting. 
(cf. 9323 - Meeting Conduct)

All public communications with the Board are subject to requirements of relevant Board policies and administrative regulations.
(cf. 1312 - 1312.3 - Complaints Concerning Schools)

Board Member Preparation

A copy of the agenda shall be forwarded to each Board member at least three days before each regular meeting date, together with the Superintendent or designee's report, minutes to be approved, copies of communications, reports from committees, staff, citizens and others, and other available documents pertinent to the meeting. 

When special meetings are called, the secretary and president shall make every effort to get the agenda and support materials to Board members as soon as possible. 

Board members shall review agenda materials before each meeting.  Individual members may confer directly with the Superintendent or designee to obtain specific information on agenda items.
(cf. 9200 - Board  Members)

Legal Reference:

29.20.020 Meetings public

Revision Date:  4/23/08
Revision: 11/10/2021