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The Ketchikan Gateway Borough School District believes the critical components in education to be students, parents, staff (administrators, principals, teachers) and the community at large.  Each has interests and rights; each has corresponding responsibilities.  The Ketchikan Gateway Borough School District sees each group to have at least the following responsibilities and duties.

The Student:

  1. The student has a right to an education geared to his/her individual needs, abilities and potential.

  2. The student is expected to bring to the process of education his/her continued attendance, active participation and a sense that he/she is the individual finally responsible for outcome.

  3. The student is and will be held accountable for his/her behavior.

 The Parent:

  1. The parent is a valuable resource to the school and is expected and encouraged to participate at all levels of the learning process.

  2. The parent is responsible for having their children physically present in school on a regular basis and is encouraged to provide an atmosphere in the home conducive to the child's physical, emotional and educational well-being.

The Staff:

  1. The staff is responsible for bringing excellence to the educational experience and integrating his/her knowledge and understanding into the total educational process.

  2. The staff is responsible for developing sound and innovative strategies designed to challenge students and geared to meet individual and group needs.

  3. The staff is responsible for developing a rational, sequential program of instruction that builds on and integrates itself with previously acquired knowledge and skills. 

District Philosophy Statement- Creed:

  1. The staff is responsible for teaching reasoning and decision-making skills, to enhance the ultimate goal of preparing the student to deal intelligently with new information as it is presented by a changing world.

  2. The staff is expected to approach the child as a unique individual with individual needs, talents and potential.

  3. The staff should receive the respect and support of parents and students, and encourage the active participation by all groups in the learning process.

The Community:

  1. The community at large, through its various individuals, committees, professional organizations and associations, is a valuable resource to our schools.  The community should be involved with and participate in the educational system and lend support to the educational process.


Adoption Date: 10/13/99



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