School Board Standing Committees - 2021-2022



 CURRICULUM   Bridget Mattson, Keenan Sanderson
 FINANCE   Bridget Mattson, Diane Gubatayao, Paul Robbins Jr.
 NATIVE EDUCATION   Diane Gubatayao, Jordan Tabb, Keenan Sanderson
 POLICY   Paul Robbins Jr., Diane Gubatayao, Jordan Tabb

 "The Board may establish standing committees as deemed necessary. Standing committees shall be established, and exist, for an indefinite period of time to fulfill or perform continuous duties or functions, as determined by the Board
." (Board Bylaw 9130)


Additionally, two School Board members and one alternate have been named to the following Borough Assembly standing committee. 

 Borough Assembly/School Board Liaison Committee    Bridget Mattson, Nicole Anderson, alternate Paul Robbins Jr.