BP 9210.00


Note:  Under AS 14.08.041 (governing regional school boards) and AS 14.12.080 (municipal school boards), individuals are eligible to run for school board if they meet local voter qualifications.  Local voter qualifications are set forth at AS 29.26.050.  To be a qualified local voter, the individual must also meet the requirements to vote in the State of Alaska as defined in the Alaska Constitution, article V, and AS 15.05.010.  The following policy sets forth the qualifications to be a voter in a state and local election, thus qualifying an individual to seek a seat on the school board.   


All qualified and interested individuals are encouraged to serve the District and its students by seeking election to the School Board.
(cf. 9220 -School Board Elections)

An individual with the following qualifications is eligible to be a member of the School Board:

  1. is a citizen of the United States;

  2. is 18 years of age or older;

  3. is a registered voter in the State of Alaska;

  4. has been a resident of the school district for 30 days immediately preceding the election (or appointment); and

  5. is not disqualified from voting due to:

    1. conviction of a felony involving moral turpitude, assuming voting rights have not been restored; or

    2. a court finding of incompetency, unless the disability no longer exists.

(cf. 9200 – Board Members)
(cf. 9223 -Filling Vacancies)

Note:  The following language should be utilized by those school boards that have student members.

A District student is eligible for appointment as an advisory Student Board Member without meeting the above qualifications.

(cf. 9110 – Board Membership, incl. Student Board Members)

Legal Reference:

14.08.041  Regional school boards

14.12.080  Qualification of members
15.05.010  Voter Qualification
29.26.050  Voter Qualification

art. 5, sec. 1, Qualified Voters

art  5, sec. 2, Disqualifications


Adoption Date:  02/11/09