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Note:  A.S. 14.11.011 requires a six-year capital improvement plan when applying for state construction funds.  4 AAC 31.010 describes required educational specifications and 4 AAC 31.011 describes the required capital improvement plan.


The Superintendent or designee shall maintain an up-to-date facilities master plan. The plan shall reflect the current district educational specifications and capital improvement plan for school facility planning and construction.

Those qualitative factors considered may include, but not be limited to:

  1. State allocation building area standards.

  2. Maximum student capacity according to designated student-teacher ratios.

  3. Current student capacity based on current district program requirements.

The Superintendent or designee shall ensure that proposed district facilities meet the educational needs of the students and conform to all planning requirements imposed by state and local governmental agencies. 

The School Board recognizes the importance of having complete and factual information as the basis for developing and maintaining cooperation among district staff, parents/guardians, students, state and local governmental and planning agencies, and other business and community representatives in developing district plans.

To assure a comprehensive approach to projecting and planning needs, the following elements shall be considered in planning school facilities:

  1. The expanding and changing educational program of the district including the number of children to be served and their specific educational needs.

  2. The impact of proposed facilities on the community and considerations regarding community use of the facilities.

  3. Safety and welfare of students.

  4. The relationship between existing and new facilities.

  5. Community planning and zoning requirements.

  6. Other site specific information which provides guidance in the planning of facilities.

  7. The forecasted enrollments and demographic factors.

Legal Reference:

14.11.011 Grant applications

14.11.020 Assumption of responsibilities
35.15.080 Local control of state public works projects
35.27.010 - 35.27.030 Art works in public buildings and facilities

4 AAC 31.010 - 4 AAC 31.090 School facility planning and construction

4 AAC 31.900 Definitions

Adoption Date:  10/13/99


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