Board Minutes

AR 9324.00



  1.      Minutes - The minutes of the meeting of the Board shall include the following:
    1. The classification (regular, adjourned or special), date, and place of meeting.
    2. The call of order stating time, person presiding and his office.
    3. The record of the roll call of Board members.
    4. A notation of the presence or absence of the Superintendent and a notation of other staff members.
    5. A record of any corrections to the minutes of the previous meetings and the action approving them.
    6. A record of all communications presented to the Board.
    7. A record of the hearing of all petitions of citizens.
    8. A record of any reports of Board members or staff members.
    9. A record of each motion placed before the Board.
    10. Special marking to indicate policy matters.

The minutes shall be permanently filed. 

All reports requiring Board action, resolutions, agreements and other written documents may be made a part of the minutes by reference, and if so, shall be placed in the files as a permanent record.

2.      Use of Audio Recordings -  Audio recordings of meetings shall be preserved and stored until the minutes are approved by the Board.  These are School District records, but are not official records of the actions taken by the Board;  they are utilized as internal administrative tools by which the construction of the official minutes may be aided. 

Legal Reference:

14.14.090 (6)

Adoption Date:  10/13/99
Revision Date: 9/24/2014