Sale of Technology Form

E 3270.00


Ketchikan Gateway Borough School District


I ____________________________ request to purchase the following computer


equipment from the Ketchikan Gateway Borough School District.


Date: ___________________________




Serial Number: ________________________________________________________________


Asset Tag Number: ____________________________________________________________


Location: ____________________________________________



This portion to be completed by KGBSD Information Technology Department.


I agree to pay the following price $____________ based on current value determined by

Ketchikan Gateway Borough School District’s Information Technology Department. All sales are as is and are final. Ketchikan Gateway Borough School District is released from any and all liabilities related to this sale.


Signature: _____________________________________   Date: ________________________


Technology Director’s Signature: _____________________________________  Date:     


Business Manager’s Signature:                                                                        Date:                                    

Official Office Use Only


Date Received: _________________                                         Date Received: _________________

Payment Received: $_____________                                       Payment Received: $_____________

Received By: ___________________                                         Received By: ___________________

Type of Payment: _______________                                        Type of Payment: _______________

Credit to Fund: _________________                                        Credit to Fund: _______________



Adoption Date:  9/28/2016