Board Membership

BP 9110.00


Regular Members

The School Board shall consist of 7 members elected or appointed in accordance with law. 

Student Board Members

The Board believes it is important to seek out and consider students' ideas, viewpoints and reactions to the educational program.  In order to provide student input and involvement, the Board recognizes the high school student body president as the student representative.

Student Board members shall have the right to attend public meetings of the Board, be recognized at meetings, participate in questioning witnesses and discussing issues and shall receive all materials presented to Board members except those related to executive sessions.

Student Board members may cast preferential votes on all matters except those subject to executive session discussion.  Preferential votes shall be cast prior to the official Board vote and shall not affect the outcome of a vote.  Preferential votes shall be recorded in the Board minutes.
(cf. 1220 - Citizen Advisory Committees)

Legal Reference:

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Revision Date:  12/10/08