Student Activity Funds

BP 3452.00


Student organizations may raise and spend money in order to promote the general welfare, morale and educational experiences of the students.  Student funds shall finance worthwhile activities which go beyond those provided by the district.  Minutes shall be kept of student organization meetings and shall properly reflect all financial activities.

(cf. 1321 - Solicitation of Funds from and by Students)
(cf. 3554 - Other Food Sales)

Student funds shall be managed in accordance with Board Policy and best practices for use of public funds designed to encourage the largest possible educational return to students without sacrificing the safety of funds or exposing students to undue responsibility or unnecessary routine. 

The Superintendent or designee shall be responsible for the proper conduct of all student organization financial activities and shall periodically review the organizations' general financial structures and accounting procedures. 

The Board shall ensure that student activity accounts and individual club accounts are audited yearly by an independent certified public accountant in conjunction with the District’s yearly financial audit. 

(cf. 3400 - Management of District Assets/Accounts)


Revision Date:  6/13/07
Revision Date: 10/09/2019


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