Internal Board Policies

AR 9313.00


Methods of Operation

Work – The Superintendent is responsible for the assignment of work to all staff in the Superintendent’s office.

    1. Categories of Work – At least the following tasks can be performed by office staff, if assigned through the Superintendent:
      1. Board travel for school district purposes.
      2. Typing and clerical, relative to school district business.
      3. Research, as noted below.

    2. Supervision of Staff – Supervision or directives to staff must be by the Superintendent, who is aware of current work loads in each division, and will assign work equitably.


Information – The Superintendent is responsible for the gathering of data and for the presentation of information to the Board.

    1. Categories of Data or Information – Information gathering can generally be categorized as follows:
      1. Existing Document – Easily retrieved by administrator upon request.
      2. Staff Research – Task assignment which requires significant staff time for study and reporting.
      3. Expenditure of Funds for Study – Consultant and/or testing and/or survey will require budgeting and expenditures.

    2. Board Requests for Information – Board members requiring specific information should channel their requests through the Superintendent or Superintendent’s designee.  This enables the Superintendent to prioritize requests and use the district’s resources most efficiently.

Prioritization of Requests – Finite resources deem that priorities must be set for information gathering.  Generally, priorities shall be given as follows:

      1. Board President Request
      2. Board Committee Request
      3. Individual Board Member Request

   3. Report to Board – The Superintendent or the Superintendent’s designee shall be responsible for reporting results of information gathering to             requesting parties.  Information gathered by staff at the request of an individual Board member will automatically be made available to all               Board members.

Adoption Date:  10/13/99