Board Minutes

BP 9324.00


The Board secretary or designee shall keep minutes and record all official Board actions. 

Official Board minutes and the master copy of the policy manual shall be stored in a fire-proof location.

Copies of the minutes of each regular or special meeting shall be distributed to all Board members with the agenda for the next regular meeting, and will be available for public review at the district office and on the district website. 

If agreed to by Board members, the minutes and agenda may be provided electronically to the Board.

(cf. 9322 - Agenda/Meeting Materials)
(cf. 1340 - Access to District Records

Recording of Votes

Motions or resolutions shall be recorded as having passed or failed.  Individual votes shall be recorded for financial, policy and personnel matters unless the action was unanimous.  All Board resolutions shall be numbered consecutively from the beginning of each fiscal year.

Recording Devices

A video or audio tape recording may be made at any open Board meeting.  All meetings shall be electronically recorded, with the recording device in plain view of all persons present, insofar as possible.

Legal Reference:

14.14.090 Additional duties









Revision Date:  2/4/09
Revision Date: 9/24/2014