Discontinuation or closure of schools

BP 0530.00


Note:  This optional policy complies with 4 AAC 05.090 establishing required procedures to be followed before a school can be permanently or temporarily closed.


The Board strives to maintain schools in local communities but recognizes that low student enrollment or other factors may necessitate temporary or permanent closure of a school.  Board action to close a school will only occur after written notice to the affected families which will be provided at least 10 days prior to school closure, absent emergency circumstances that do not permit such notice.

Absent emergency circumstances, no school closure will occur until development and approval of a closure plan.  The plan must provide for the continued educational services to all eligible students, including students with disabilities.  The plan must address pupil transportation services, if applicable.  Additionally, the plan should contain a schedule for providing compensatory services that may be required under state and federal laws for the education of students with disabilities.  Finally, the plan will provide for reimbursement to the State of money already paid for the period of closure, unless the school year is extended.  If the closure is temporary, the plan will identify steps for reopening the school. 

Note:  The Department of Education and Early Development must approve all permanent and non-emergency temporary school closures.  Permanent school closure plans will be considered approved if the Department does not disapprove the plan within 90 days.  4 AAC 05.090(b).  Temporary school closure plans must be submitted to the Department for approval at least ten days before the planned closure.  4 AAC 05.090(c).

The plan will be reviewed and approved by the Board at a public meeting.  Following Board approval, the plan will be submitted to the Department of Education and Early Development for approval.  The plan will not be executed until Department approval.

Emergency Closure Days

The Superintendent may order one or more emergency closure days if conditions exist posing a threat to the health or safety of students.  For emergency closures of five days or longer, approval shall be sought from the Commissioner of Education.  In all cases of emergency closure, the Superintendent shall notify the Board and the Department of Education and Early Development within 24 hours and take immediate steps to modify the school term and reopen the school.                                  


Note:  If a school is temporarily closed for disciplinary or safety reasons, the facility must remain closed for all purposes until the school is reopened.


Legal Reference:

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            4 AAC 05.090 Discontinuation or closure of schools

      Added 1/04




Adoption Date:  4/8/09



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