Board Self-Evaluation

BP 9400.00


Effective and efficient School Board operations are an integral part of creating a successful educational program.  In order to measure progress towards its stated goals and objectives, the Board will annually schedule a time and place at which all its members may participate in a formal self- evaluation.

The Board shall be evaluated as a whole and not as individuals.  The evaluation will focus on the internal operations and performance of the Board.  The Board members shall develop goals and objectives against which the Board will be evaluated.  A self-evaluation instrument will be based on these goals and objectives and not on goals set for the district.

Each Board member will complete the self-evaluation instrument independently.  The ensuing evaluation will be based on the resulting composite picture of Board strengths and weaknesses.  The Board will discuss the tabulated results as a group.

The evaluation process should include the establishment of strategies for improving Board performance.  Revised priorities and new goals will be set for the following year's evaluation.

The Board may invite the Superintendent or others to participate in the evaluation and suggest specific criteria to measure Board success as a governing body.

The Board recognizes that adequate opportunities for Board member orientation and inservice are an essential component of conducting meaningful self-evaluation.  The evaluation process shall include suggestions for continued Board member development.

(cf. 9240 - Board Development)


Adoption Date:  10/13/99