Payment for Goods and Services

AR 3314.00


Regulations - Checks

1.      Checks will be written every other week.

2.      The business manager or his designee will review the checks:
         a.      Agreeing the invoice(s) with the check amount
         b.      Verifying the proper payee
         c.      Checking whether the payment is within the approved budget
         d.      Noting that the goods have been received or an administrator has approved the service

3.      A list of checks will be e-mailed to the Superintendent and School Board Members.  A break out of credit card payments will also be listed.

4.      The clerk-treasurer or her designee will review the checks.

5.      The Superintendent or a board member can request that a check be held for the next regularly scheduled meeting. 

6.      Other checks will be mailed after three working days.

7.      Only those checks referred to the Board will be on the board agenda for their vote, but all checks and credit card breakdowns will be listed.                                                                 


Regulations - Mileage

1.      Compensation to administrators for the continuous use of personal automobiles in the conduct of the district business shall be determined by the Superintendent, unless otherwise contracted by the Board.  The extent of required use will be the primary determining factor in the amount of compensation allowed for each administrator. 

2.      Mileage reimbursement shall be provided to staff who are required to use their personal automobiles to conduct school district business or perform their regularly assigned duties. 

3.      An automobile log will be kept by employees requesting mileage reimbursement.  The log shall account for all usage pertaining to school district business.

4.      Mileage attributed to vehicle use for school district business shall be determined by the Superintendent or his designee, upon review of the employee’s automobile log. 

5.      Approved mileage reimbursement shall be at the rate of $.505 per mile.


Revision Date: 6/27/01
Revision Date:  8/25/08


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