School Safety and Security

AR 3515.00


The school principal shall establish procedures to:

l.       Minimize fire hazards.

2.      Reduce the probability of faulty equipment.

3.      Guard against the chance of electrical shock.

4.      Maintain records and funds in a safe place.

5.      Protect against vandalism and burglary.

6.      Assign responsibility for use of school building keys.

7.      Maintain locked buildings during non-business hours.

8.      Provide routine patrolling of the schools and school grounds.

9.      Secure outdoor areas and reduce the number of entrances which give access to the schools, by means such as fencing or landscaping.

Incidents of illegal entry, theft of school property, vandalism, and damage to school property from other causes shall be reported by phone to the Superintendent or designee as soon after discovery as possible.  A written report of the incident shall be made within 24 hours.



All keys used in a school shall be the responsibility of the principal.  Keys shall be issued only to those employees who regularly need a key in order to carry out normal activities of their position.

Each principal shall set up a record keeping system so as to know at all times the location of all keys.  The master key shall not be loaned.

Employees who have keys shall be responsible for the security of the room, gate or building involved.  They shall lock all doors and windows and turn off all lights, air conditioning, heat, appliances etc., when leaving the room or building.

The duplication of school keys is prohibited.  The person issued a key shall be responsible for its safekeeping.  If a key is lost, the person responsible shall report the loss to the principal immediately and shall pay for a duplicate key.  Duplicate keys may be obtained only through the district business office.

Keys shall be used only by authorized employees and shall never be loaned to students.


School Ground Security

The principal may appoint a security advisory committee composed of parents/guardians, students and staff. This committee shall examine the school’s degree of security and existing site procedures for emergencies in order to recommend measures by which security may be enhanced and site procedures expanded or improved.


Adoption Date:  10/13/99
Revision Date: 2/22/2017


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