Goals for the School District

BP 0200.00


Note: AS 14.07.165 requires the State Board of Education to adopt statewide goals and to require that each governing body adopt written goals consistent with local needs.  AS 14.03.120 requires districts to annually file and make available to the public a report that establishes district goals and priorities and includes plans for achieving these goals and the means of measuring district achievement.  Districts are required to encourage public participation in the preparation of this report.


The School Board is committed to excellence and self-evaluation and believes that the public schools exist to meet the needs of students, parents/guardians and other community members.  It is, therefore, important that citizens may express their expectations of the schools.  The Board encourages students, parents, teachers, and other community members to participate in educational planning for the district.
(cf.  0420 -  School-Based Management)

The Board shall adopt written goals for the school district which reflect local needs.  These goals shall be consistent with Board policy and statewide goals adopted by the State Board of Education.  The Superintendent or designee shall develop objectives for meeting these goals.  The development and adoption of the budget shall be consistent with district goals and objectives.  
(cf. 0000 - Concepts and Roles)
(cf.  0100 - Philosophy)
(cf. 3100-  Budget)

The Superintendent or designee shall annually file with the State Department of Education and make available to the public a report which includes the adopted district goals and priorities, plans for achieving these goals and priorities, and the means of measuring the district's success in reaching its goals and priorities.
(cf.  0500 - Review and Evaluation)
(cf. 0510 - School District Report Card)


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