Transportation Routes and Service

AR 3541.50

120 In-Lieu-of Agreements

1. The Superintendent may establish agreements with parents to provide reimbursement for transporting their children to the nearest attendance center or bus pickup in place of extending an existing route or establishing a new route.

2.  The following limitations apply to in-lieu-of agreements entered under (1) of this section:
     (a) Unless the child is handicapped, the pupil’s residence must be more than one and one-half miles from both the nearest regular bus stop and his or her attendance center, or there are not roads;
     (b) The per mile rate may not exceed the maximum rate paid by the school district for travel of its employees when using their private vehicle for school business;
     (c) The rate for transporting students via boat shall be $5 per trip to take students to a regular bus stop; and
     (d) Reimbursements must be based on the actual miles traveled or trips incurred and not the number of pupils transported.

3. Only families who are transporting students to a District school are eligible.


Adoption Date:  2/20/04


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