KGBSD School Board News

Public Comment

9/28/2020 8:38:38 PM GMT

Public Comment

Members of the public are provided an opportunity to comment on school district matters at each regular School Board meeting.  

Speakers are asked to keep their presentations to within 3 to 5 minutes (Board Bylaw 9323). 

The following is additional information about providing public comment at a School Board meeting. 

  • The public is invited to give public comment on agenda items and also on other matters within the jurisdiction of the Board.
  • Charges or complaints against any school district employee, including the Superintendent, will not be heard during citizen remarks. The process for issuing a complaint concerning school district employees is covered in Board Policy 1312.1   and Administrative Regulation 1312.1. The form for submitting a complaint is attached to the policy.
  • The Board will not generally engage in discussion with a speaker or answer questions during public comment. 

Board Bylaw 9322 and Board Bylaw 9323 address public comment at School Board meetings.